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Die ‘BIG ROCK’ in ons fietsryskool se naam verwys letterlik na die groot meteoriet wat ons geliefde Vredefortkoepel en berge gevorm het en dit verwys figuurlik na ons kinders wat leer om die groot klippe op die bergfietspad, met ewe groot waagmoed aan te pak en te oorkom. Wat ons ook al doen by die BIG ROCK Fietsryskool:


The ‘BIG ROCK’ in our cycling school’s name refers to the massive meteorite that once shaped our beloved Vredefort Dome and surrounding mountains and figuratively it refers to our children who learn to conquer the big rocks along the cycling trails with equal big courage. Whatever we do at the BIG ROCK Cycling School:

In 2023 The Big Rock Cycling School will again host their own events! Instead of a series as in 2022, we will in 2023 host a Primary School and High School Cup Race. The format is Cross Country-style (XCO) lap-racing. The tracks are designed for grassroot-level racing and ALL are welcome. The Primary School racing will largely be fun-orientated and the High School event will pretend to be highly competitive  :D
NB: Entries will open in June.
  • (Thursday) 3 August 2023 The BIG ROCK CUP Primary School Race

  • (Friday) 4 August 2023 The BIG ROCK CUP High School Race


Who we are

BIG ROCK Cycling School teaches schoolkids (5yr-18yr) from Parys, Tumahole, Schonkenville and surroundings, more about cycling:

  • The classes will focus on basic riding skills, fitness and the culture of cycling

  • The school has access to it own mountainbike skills track at the Anatomic Sportswear Factory in Parys

  • The School has immediate access to qualified coaches

  • All our kids enjoy free access to the Koedoeslaagte Trail Park (12km outside Parys)

BIG ROCK’s golden rules:

  1. We're here to ENJOY it - if you’re not comfortable to try something yet, then you do not have to do it

  2. Obey all SAFETY RULES - always wear your helmet when cycling

  3. EVERYONE is welcome


Our official classes are scheduled during public school terms for Tuesdays, late afternoon, at the Big Rock Club House, Anatomic Sportswear Factory. All classes are free of charge!

Summer: November to February 17:15 -18:30

Autumn: March to April 16:45 -18:00
Winter: May to August 16:30 -17:30
Spring: September to October 16:45 -18:00

Join us now

How do we join the BIG ROCK Cycling School?

All kids must be registered by a parent/guardian. The registration/membership is free of charge. Follow this link to register: Every child shall receive his/her own BIG ROCK ID-card which s/he should attach to their bicycles with cable ties which we will supply.

For more information contact: Attie 082 335 3358.

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